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Customized 9,2 mm dynamic driver with graphene speaker diaphragm in order to enable the best sound reproduction possible. Got it?

Bluetooth 5,0 

BT 5.0 dual mode can provides seamless role switch performance which results in premium audio performance with noise-free, crystal voice and advanced music quality. We are talking 24-bit 192KHz HD Audio and Hi-resolution codec support (AAC).

Battery Life

Up to 9 hours of non-stop listening.
Up to 30 hours of battery life when buds and case are at 100% power, charging multiple times from case.

Active Noise Cancellation

 Hybrid ANC can suppress noise at a broader range of frequencies, adapt to and correct errors, and is not as sensitive to how the person wears the headset. Simply put our processor analyzes the surrounding noise and send out anti-noise to eliminate the buzz around you. It's the only way folks.

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Nocs NS1100 Air - Tailor Your Sound Experience

Our Hybrid Active Noise-Canceling by Airoha suppresses noise at a broader frequency range. It also adapts to & corrects sound errors. The Personal Sound by Audiodo™ is founded on a pioneering 3 part system-- our hearing calibration method, compensation calculation, & personalization processing.


Reinventing The Way You Listen: Audiodo Technology

Audiodo Personal Sound is founded on leading edge technology using a three-part system. The conjunction of Audiodo hearing calibration method, the compensation calculation, and revolutionary personalization processing results in the finest audio sound personalization available on the market.

Transparency Mode & Active Noise-Canceling (ANC)

Need to hear your surroundings? Never experience the trouble of removing your earbuds again- our Transparency Mode can do that for you. Switch back to ANC mode anytime to block out all outside noises.